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Steven Cheung Chi-Hang

Steven Cheung Chi-Hang is a Hong Kong singer and actor. Steven Cheung was a member of the Cantopop , Boy'Z from 2002-2006. He is now the leader in the Cantopop , Sun Boy'z.


Early life and career

Steven Cheung was born in Holland and raised in Hong Kong to a mother and a father. He has two elder sisters and a younger brother. One of his elder sisters, Jan Cheung, is a member of the Hong Kong Cantopop music duo . His younger brother, Ryan Cheung, is a freelance model.

As a young boy, Steven has never been studious. He did not do well in school and always had to repeat the same grade level. He began when he was a teenager and auditioned for the Emperor Entertainment Group before finishing high school. He was signed, but the company required him to finish high school, which was against his will. Steven began his career in the entertainment industry as one-half of the duo Boy'Z with Kenny Kwan in 2002-2005. When Kwan left Boy'Z in January 2005, Cheung continued the duo with Dennis Mak. In June 2006, when William Chan, joined Boy'Z and the group was renamed as Sun Boy'z. Steven then became the frontman of the band.

In 2003, he started filming movies with Kenny and has appeared in many movies such as ''The Death Curse'', ''Bug Me Not!'', ''The Haunted School'' and ''A Chinese Tall Story''. In many movies he has appeared alongside his partner Kenny and other members of the company EEG, mostly Twins. But when Kenny went solo in 2005, Steven pursued his acting career individually. He and Kenny have also starred a movie named ''6:00 AM'', with them as the main leads; In 2005, he made a horror movie named ''The Haunted School'', with his new partner Dennis Mak, although it was not released until early 2007; In 2008, he starred a movie called ''Yes, I Can See Dead People'' and played the main lead himself.


Steven is a tenor with a smooth voice. His voice used to be higher at age 18-20 during Boy'z early years with Kenny Kwan. On their final album ''Boy'z Can Cook'', his voice is noticeably lower than their earlier EPs and album.


*The Death Curse
*Papa Loves You
*New Police Story
*6 AM
*Bug Me Not!
*Moments of Love
*A Chinese Tall Story
*49 Days
*The Knot
*McDull, The Alumni
*Twins Mission
*Super Fans
*Yes, I Can See Dead People
*A Decade of Love

Television Series

*All About Boy'z
*Hearts Of Fencing
*Sunshine Heartbeat
*Kung Fu Soccer
*Supreme Fate


As Boy'Z:

* LaLa 世界
* LaLa 世界
* 一起喝采
* A Year to Remember
* A Year To Remember
* Boy'zone 男生圍
* Boy'zone
* Boy'z Can Cook
* Joy to the World Christmas Hits
* 星Mobile超時空接觸演唱會
* 八星報囍賀賀囍
* Sun Boy'z - Sun Boy'z
* Say Goodbye
* Sun Boy'z - All For 1
* Sun Boy'z - First Date

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