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Danny Chan

Danny Chan Bak-keung was a popular 1980s cantopop singer, composer and actor in Hong Kong. Chan was of the first generation of pop idols in Hong Kong. He was already an electronic organ player, a songwriter, an actor and a promising singer at the beginning of his career. He made a name for himself with his debut release, "Tears For You", which established him as a teen idol. "Ripple", " I Just Love You" and "Life Expectation" are just some of the golden hits written and sung by Chan. He is mostly remembered for his Cantonese romance ballads and high quality compositions. Chan died in 1993 after being in a coma for 17 months.


Chan won third prize at the "HK Pop Song Composition Competition" in 1977. In that same year, he made his acting debut with Hong Kong Television Broadcasts through a TV drama called "Sweet Babe". In 1978, he won first prize at the "Hong Kong Yamaha Electone Festival". He held his first music concert in Hong Kong that same year. His first music album, entitled "First Love," was released in 1979.

Chan subsequently signed a music contract with . After spending several years with HK EMI, he signed with HK Warner Brothers where he reached superstar status. In 1985, he signed with DMI, which was a joint venture between EMI and Dickson Poon. Through DMI, Chan was able to launch several successful albums. He returned to HK Warner Brothers in the late 1980s.

Chan's career peaked in the early 1980s when he joined a music group called Warners and sang a number of hit songs such as 'Will Always Be Loving You' , 'Take Care of Yourself Tonight' , 'No' . Danny Chan was considered a contemporary to Hong Kong cantopop peers like Leslie Cheung and Alan Tam.

During the span of his music career, Chan held many music concerts in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Canada and the United States. Chan also participated and represented Hong Kong in song festivals such as the Nagasaki Asia Music Festival in Japan , Peace Music Concert , Tokyo Music Festival and the Shanghai Music Festival in China . He was also invited to perform at the Seoul Korea 1988 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. In 1988, he performed in the presence of the royal Thai Princess in a Thai Charity Show. In 1991, Chan announced of his decision to leave the Hong Kong music industry. He held a farewell concert in Shanghai in 1992 and subsequently retired from the cantopop music industry.

Death and speculation

There was speculation in the late 1980s that Chan suffered from alcoholism as it was unfairly perceived in the press that his career lagged behind that of then Hong Kong cantopop superstars, Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung. On May 18, 1992, Chan was found unconscious and he was admitted to in Hong Kong. This stamp set focused on Hong Kong's popular singers, saluting five pop stars who have left their marks on Cantopop music history. Chan was featured on the HK$1.80 stamp.



*1979, "First Love"
*1980, "No More Tears"
*1980, "Encore"
*1981, "Sunflower"
*1982, "Telling"
*1983, "I Just Love You"
*1984, "Picking Out Star"
*1985, "Deeply In Love With You"
*1986, "When I Think Of You"
*1986, "Hoping"
*1987, "Kittens Are Better Than Dogs"
*1987, "Dream Person"
*1988, "Hiding My Love In My Eyes"
*1988, "Winter Love"
*1988, "The Wizard Has Migrated"
*1989, "What You Desire In"
*1990, "Waiting For You"
*1991, "Love In L.A"
*1991, Purple Concert"
*1992, "Because Love You"
*1992, "Dear You"


In 1999, Chan's song ''Ripples'' became popular once again as the theme song of the sale of units of the Tracker Fund of Hong Kong .

A partial list of songs composed and sung by Chan:
*Waiting / Tung
*One in My Dreams / Mung Lui Yun
*I Just Love You / Peen Peen Hay Foon Nay
*Ripples / Leen Yi
*Listening to Music with Wine / Dui Jau Dong Gaw
*My Story / Ngoh Dik Goo See
*Shedding Tears For You / Ngaan Lui Wai Nay Lau
*Applause / Hawt Choi
*Hoping for Destiny / Paan Mong Dik Yuen Fun
*Tell Me What Can I Do
*What You Desire In Life / Yat Sung Hor Kau
*Break Out / Dak Poh


Cinematic films

*1980, Encore
*1981, On Trial
*1984, Merry Christmas
*1986, My Family
*1987, Chou tin dik tong wah aka An Autumn's Tale ; aka Liumang daheng

TV dramas

*1977, Sweet Babe
*1980, Take Turn
*1980, Breakthrough



*1977, Third Prize, "HK Pop Song Compose Competition"
*1978, First Prize, "Hong Kong Yamaha Organ Competition"
*1978, Third Prize, "HK Pop Song Compose Competition"
*1983, Most Popular Singer Award, "AGB Listener's Choice"
*1988, Third Prize, "Most Popular Male Singer Competition", Hong Kong Commercial Station
*1989, Third Prize, "Most Popular Male Singer Competition", Hong Kong Commercial Station
*1989, Third Prize, "Pop Music Most Popular Male Singer", Tokyo Music Festival
*1991, "Top 10 Most Popular Singer" in Guangzhou, China


*1981, "Model Youth" from Wong Tai Sin District, Hong Kong
*1984, "Most Charming Singer" from International Folk Song
*1987, "Hong Kong Best Dressed Person", Hong Kong Commercial Station
*1989, "Hong Kong Top 10 Friendly Person", Hong Kong Commercial Station

Charlie Yeung

Charlie Yeung Choi-Nei, sometimes spelled Charlie Young, is a Hong Kong and singer. She was first noticed after appearing in a jewellery commercial with Aaron Kwok. Since then she has participated in the music videos of artists such as Hacken Lee, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jacky Cheung.


In 1992, she was signed on to be a singer with EMI . After releasing a couple of albums with some success , she made her feature-film debut in Wong Kar-Wai's arthouse martial arts film ''Ashes of Time'' alongside superstars such as Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Brigitte Lin.

In 1994, she made her first collaboration with director Tsui Hark on the film ''The Lovers'' , a Chinese classical tale about the Butterfly Lovers. Yeung was cast as the female lead, Zhu Yintai opposite Nicky Wu's Liang Shanbo. Her performance received widespread critical acclaim, rising Yeung to stardom. The film today has been hailed as Charlie's most representative work to date.

Between 1994 to 1997, she was arguably the most popular artist in Hong Kong, with her charming face appearing everywhere from magazines and posters to advertisements and movies.

At the height of her popularity in 1997, however, she decided to call it quits and retire from the industry to start an image consultant business with her Singaporean lawyer-boyfriend in Malaysia.

In 2004, after a failed relationship and business, she made her comeback as the lead actress in Jackie Chan's ''New Police Story''. Following that, she collaborated once again with Tsui Hark on the martial arts movie ''Seven Swords'' and starred alongside Andy Lau in the love movie ''All About Love''. She later co-starred in the film ''After This Our Exile'' opposite Aaron Kwok. She has made plans to appears in a sequel to ''Seven Swords''.


*''After This Our Exile''
*''Seven Swords''
*''New Police Story''
*''Task Force''
*''The Intimates''
*''Downtown Torpedoes''
*''A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation''
*''The Wedding Days''
*''Dr. Wai in "The Scripture with No Words"''
*''Young Policemen in Love''
*'''' aka ''Meltdown''
*''Love in the Time of Twilight''
*''How Deep Is Your Love''
*''Ashes of Time''
*''Future Cops''


* ''Feeling of Love ''
* ''First Love ''
* ''Forget Me Not ''
* ''Smiling with Tears ''
* ''Mythology ''
* ''Do Whatever you Want ''

Charles Ying

Charles Ying is a Cantopop singer from Hong Kong. After singing the theme song ''Do I Still Love You'' of the film Leaving me, Loving you, he was signed by Leon Lai of East Asia Record Production and became one of the new hotly promoted new artists in 2005.


*Chinese name: Ying Cheung Yau
*Birth Place: Hong Kong
*Height: 5 Feet 11
*Weight: 165 lbs
*Nationality: Chinese/Canadian
*Family: Mother, Father, Little Sister, and 2 dogs
*Education: Rhode Island School of Design , Bachelor of Fine Arts , Bachelor of Graphic Design
*Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English
*Hobbies: Sports , Singing, Watch TV and movies, Listen to music


Charles Ying was born in Hong Kong. His mother is Taiwanese singer, Ning-Ping Chan. At the age of 4, he and his parent emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Then at the age of 7, he came back to stay in Hong Kong and studied up to standard 7 before moving to the US for higher education. After completing his education, he came back to Hong Kong in 2002 and got employed as Asia Pacific Head Office-Designer Support.


Cantonese Albums

Cass Phang

Cass Phang is a retired Cantopop singer from Hong Kong.

Candy Lo

Candy Lo is a singer-songwriter and actress from Hong Kong. She has released 9 studio albums, over 40 singles, 2 compilations, 1 live album and 1 EP with Sony Music to date. On June 11 she released her first EP on her new label WOW Music.


Pre-solo period

Before going solo Candy Lo was the lead vocalist in Hong Kong based rock band . Before the band released any material, they used to perform independently of Black & Blue as a band as well.

In 1995 Black & Blue released their first record titled ''Hope In Just One Day''. A year later, in 1996 they released their second album eponymously titled Black & Blue. The former contains songs mostly sung in English while the latter is completely in Cantonese. Stepping away from English and singing completely in Cantonese had been a decision made in concordance with their record label so as to make themselves more understandable to fans. Lo wrote the lyrics to their songs herself.

Solo career

In 1998 Candy Lo was signed to Sony Music, thus starting her solo career. Her first release under Sony was an EP called ''Don't have to be too perfect'' . For this record she won a Golden Award in the same year. The style of this release continued on from her - past with Black & Blue. In winter 1998, Candy released a second record called ''Miao'', the title of which refers to Candy's love of cats and how "they listen while people sometimes don't." The album didn't sell as much copies as expected. Producer Kubert Leung blamed the public, who "failed to grasp the concept of the album".

Lo's 3rd album, ''Get Close To Candy Lo'' , released in 1999, set itself apart from the mainstream music that year by adding a philharmonic orchestra to her mix of rock and pop.

In 2000 Candy Lo again released 2 records, ''Colour Release'' and ''Muse''.

In July 2001 Candy Lo released ''Fantasy''. Fantasy contained the radio hit ''The Sword And Spear Don't Enter'' as well as ''Call'' , the theme song for the movie ''''. Lo's 1st compilation album titled ''Like To Love'' was also released in the year.

The release of her 2002 album ''Appreciate The Taste Of Life'' marked Candy's career with her first smash hit ''Beautiful Break-up in which she collaborated with fellow singer Lee Hom Wang.

On April 26, 2003 ''Candy's Airline'' is was released. In that same year Candy released a concept album titled ''Flower Talk'' , which combined mellow as well as more upbeat tunes with a classical hint to them.

Three months later Candy Lo released ''True Music 1st Flight Live 2003'', a collection of live renditions of songs released between 1998 and 2003 plus a few covers such as Wong Jim's ''Forget Him'' , made famous by Teresa Teng. All of these were performed during a concert in Hong Kong.

''Evolution Theory'' released in 2005, was the last album she recorded before parting company with Sony. It is less mainstream than her previous two albums. However, like ''Flower Talk'', this album deals with spiritual issues such as the uncertainty of the future in ''Junk Girl Of Dystopia'' and departure in ''Sutra For Seeing Souls Off'' .

On June 11 2007, Candy Lo released her 10th album "Process" after joining her new record company "WOW Music". Candy Lo is the first artist to release USB flash memory digital album in Asia. Process contained radio hit "Can't Even Love". Her mandarin song "Run Slowly" is also available at Candy's website at which has a hit rate of more than 200,000 times.

As an actress

In 2000, Candy started acting by playing a minor role in the drama ''What is a Good Teacher'' directed by Hong Kong actor and director Francis Ng. Later that year she was nominated three times for a for her role in '''' and ''Twelve Nights'' .

In 2002, Lo played a pregnant advertising executive named "Godzilla" in If You Care... and in the same year as Kung Fu fighter in Yuen Biao's ''No Problem 2'' , a collaboration between Hong Kong and Japan. That year, she also appeared in '''', a horror movie directed by The Pang Brothers which was also released in the United Kingdom and the United States.



* ''Bu Xu Yao...Wan Mei De Ke Pa
* ''Miao...''
* ''
* ''Sik Fong''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Appreciate the Taste of Life''
* ''Candy's Airline''
* ''Flower Talk''
* ''''
* ''''


* Like To Love
* 4 Seasons in One Day

Live Albums

* ''True Music 1st Flight Love 2003''


*''House of Mahjong''
*''The Wife from Hell''
*''Feel It, Say It''
*''Half Twin''
*''The Heavenly Kings''
*''Teacher in University''
*''Bug Me Not!''
*''Six Strong Guys''
*''Herbal Tea''
*''Men Suddenly in Black''
*''Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat''
*''Summer I Love You''
*''If You Care...''
*''Marry a Rich Man''
*''No Problem 2''
*''Funeral March''
*''Twelve Nights''
*''What is a Good Teacher''

Ann Mui

Ann Mui was a singer and actress. She was the older sister of Hong Kong actress and singer, the late Anita Mui and two brothers. Her mother remarried after her father died.

She is best remembered for her supporting roles in many movies, esp. Jackie Chan's ''Police Story 2''. She died of cervical cancer, leaving her husband Lap-Tak Poon and 2 sons.


* 1995 - Farewell My Dearest
* 1995 - Chicken A La Queen
* 1992 - Police Story Part II
* 1992 - Stagedoor Johnny
* 1989 - Burning Ambition
* 1989 - The Iceman Cometh
* 1989 - They Came To Rob Hong Kong
* 1989 - Touch and Go

Ron Ng

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei is a Hong Kong TVB actor and singer.

Early Childhood

Ron Ng was born on September 2, 1979. He was highly influenced by his sister’s love for dancing. Hence, he decided to take a risk and turn his hobbies into his career. In 1999, he enrolled into TVB’s 7th Entry Dancers Class.

Early career

Ron Ng graduated from TVB's "7th Entry" Dance Training Class in 1999 and "1st Entry" Artist Training Class in 2000. Officially becoming a TVB artist after signing a contract with the company in 2000, Ron has worked with TVB ever since. His acting skills have been heavily criticized, especially scenes which require crying.

In 2000, Ron’s actor career commenced as Louis Koo recommended him to enlist in the acting classes. After graduating from acting classes, he began his career in minor roles.


His break-through came in the series Triumph in the Skies, and despite the criticisms and rumors circulating Hong Kong tabloids, Ron has won himself a large fan-base in Hong Kong through his handsome appearance. He was one of the four TVB actors selected to be the spokespeople of the 2006 World Cup. Besides Ron, the three chosen ones were Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong.

Because of his role In Twin of Brothers, Ron won his first award, "Most Improved actor in 2004".

Ron was featured in the movie ''Moments Of Love'' in 2005. In the same year, he signed a contract with BMA Music Records and out came his first EP album, ''The Fast Pass''. Ron also released his first album, ''Fast Forward''

He is getting ready to film TVB The Four with Sammul Chan, Kennenth Ma, etc. in 2008-09.

TV Series and films

The Academy Full Throttle

The Four

Sheng Si Die Lian

The Drive of Life

The Brink of Law

On the First Beat

War And Destiny

Men In Pain

Guts of A Man

Revolving Doors of Vengeance

Lost In The Chamber of Love

The Academy

[[Hearts of Fencing 2 - Sunshine Heartbeat) -

Aqua Heroes

Find The Light

Triumph in The Skies

Vigilante Force

Lofty Water Verdant Bow

Golden Faith

Burning Flame 2


**All About Men - Various Artists
**The Fast Pass - Ron Ng
**Fast Forward - Ron Ng
**EEG Kids Song Selection - Various Artists
**In Love With Drama - Various Artists

Other Songs By Ron Ng

*Fighter - Ron Ng, Sky, Zac Koo, Rico Kwok
*Kong - Ron Ng
*Love Test - Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung
*Marriage Garments - Ron Ng and Myolie Wu
*Put Your Hands Up - Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng
*Sun’s Hand - Ron Ng
*The Brink of Law - Ron Ng and Steven Ma
*Yue Kerng Yuet Yung - Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Lai Lok Yi, and Kenneth Ma
*Ultimate Battle - Ron Ng