Sunday, September 28, 2008

Khalil Fong

Khalil Fong, born July 14 1983, is a singer and songwriter signed to a label in Hong Kong.


Fong was born in Hawaii and his family moved to Shanghai when he was 6. His father wanted Khalil to learn more about Chinese culture. Six years later, they moved to Guangzhou and lived there for about 2 years. Afterwards, they moved to Hong Kong. When he was 16, he sent demos, which he had written, to music producers. Four years later, finally recruited him as their producer. Khalil is a . His first language is English and he can speak , Shanghainese, Hawaiian Pidgin English, and .


Khalil released his first album ''Soul Boy'' on September 18 2005. He has won a number of awards, including a silver award for New Male Artist at Commercial Radio. He released his second album "This Love" in December 2006. It featured the song "Love Love Love" which peaked at #1 in the .


* '''' - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2005
* '''' - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2006
* '''' - Warner Music Taiwan - 2007



* "CRHKLove Park "



*Metro Hit Radio – "New Hot Voice"
*Metro Hit Radio – "New Powers Singer"
*Metro Hit Radio – "New Powers of Creation"
*Metro Hit Radio – "Popular Mandarin Song" - Love Love Love
*Commercial Radio Hong Kong –"Chik Chak producer & writer" - Silver award
*RoadShow – "Supreme Song" - Love Love Love
*RoadShow – "Most Potential Producer/Singer"

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