Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ken Hung

Ken Hung Cheuk Lap is a Hong Kong cantopop singer. He started his career after earning a second place in the EEG Singing Contest . During 2007, he went to help in the office for about 3-4 months cutting newspapers because Mani said he was too shy. Then he finally started recording songs. First song that came out was "Love.gutless" . He was known to have an "Eason Chan" voice and style in that song so that song became an HK hit and Ken Hung's was known all over HK. And because of that, his first CD used the name of the song. His logo is 'little froggy', Ken said that Mani gave him that logo because she want him to sing like a frog, loud and clear.


*2007 - Love. Gutless - July 19
*2007 - Love. Gutless 2nd version - September 7
*2008 - Go - January 23


*2008 - Love is Elsewhere April 17


*2008 - Dressage To Win June 14


*2006 - EEG Singing Contest
*2007 - Commercial Radio Hong Kong "Best New Male Singer" - Gold Award



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