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Kay Tse

Kay Tse is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer. She was a newcomer to the music industry in 2005, and is known for her versatile vocal range and expertise in various music genres, especially in jazz.

Tse is yet to crack the main stream Cantopop market but many music industry insiders have tipped her singing ability to have big potential, and regard her as one of a new breed of "non-idol" singers who sell their singing ability rather than their looks.


In 2002, when Tse was still a university student majoring in at the University of Hong Kong, she entered a university singing competition and won the first place. She then entered an inter-schools singing competition in 2003 and made the final five, impressing one of the judges Adrian Chou very much that he offered her a professional contract with his small music label called "Ban Ban Music". At that time Tse was working as a piano teacher.


* May 6, 2005 - ''Kay One''
* December 23, 2005 - ''''
* June 2, 2006 - ''K sus2''
* January 18, 2007 - ''''
* March 1, 2007 - '', included a bonus DVD of Kay's The First Day concert footage.
* December 11, 2007 - '''', a greatest hits album with 3 new songs
* July 25, 2008 - ''Binary'', includes "17 degrees" and "10 honor student" from TVB's 'The Money Maker Recipe'

2005: Kay One

Tse's debut album, ''Kay One'', was released on May 6, 2005. The album includes 2 non-Cantonese songs, a song called "The One and Only" and Mandarin version of "Beauties" called "Plastic Roses" . On December 23, 2005, a re-release version of ''Kay One'' called ''Kay One Plus'' was released with a bonus track named "Follow Me" .

''Kay One'' and ''Kay One Plus'' contain several hits in 2005 and 2006 include:
*"Beauties" , a fast catchy pop tune, mocking the Asian dieting trend;
*"The One and Only" , a slow ballad, showcasing Tse's versatile vocal range;
*"Awful Men" , a groovy, funky song and the only love song on the album;
*"Joyful Reading" , a fast jazz song, mocking Hong Kong paparazzi;
*"Follow Me" , a rock-influenced song, containing Tse's confessions about her music and fans. It reached number one on "TVB Billboard" on February 8, 2006 and became her first no.1 single on that chart .

2006: K sus2

''K sus2'' is the first of Kay Tse. It is considered to be released in June 2, 2006, despite the fact that the release date has been postponed since March. The album will contain 6 songs and 3 music videos. It is believed that ''K sus2'' would have more rock tunes.

A Brit-pop track called "Gloomy Festival" impacted the radio stations from January, 2006. It is often praised for raising public concerns about the disadvantaged groups in the society. "Gloomy Festival" received many airplays on CRHK and it eventually reached number-one on "903 Top 20" on March 9, became her first no.1 single on that chart . On April 19, "Gloomy Festival" became Tse's second no.1 single on "TVB Billboard".

In late April, another track named "A Deadly Journey" was introduced on and impacted the radio station. It reached a peak of number-three on "903 Top 20". In July, "Foreign Maids' Love Song" from the EP has started to be broadcasted in various media.

On June 19, Sammy Ha, manager of Kay Tse, announced in his that ''K sus2'' will be reprinted for the high demand.

2007: The First Day

'''' is the third album of Kay Tse and released in January 18, 2007 before her childbirth. This album contains 12 songs, including 3 new songs which are "The First Day" , "Soul behind the Window" and "Obstacles" . The song "Obstacles" had climbed to the peak of no.1 on "903 Top 20", "TVB Billboard", and "RTHK Chinese-pop Billboard". This is Tse most successful song in Hong Kong's billboard.

The remaining 9 songs are Tse's greatest hits which re-arranged by several arrangers, such as Ted Lo, Adrian Chou. And the songs which are re-arranged have given new names, for example, "Beauties n" is the remastered version of "Beauties"

In March 1, Cinepoly released the second version which included a bonus DVD of her farewell concert on January 2007.

2007: 3/8

is the first album that Kay Tse gave birth to her son and released on 11 December, 2007. contains 15 Tse's Greatest Hits and 3 new songs which are "3/8", "Zhong Wu Yan" and "The retired life of Wonder Woman" .

Kay explained her album called "3/8" because she believes she has only finished 3/8 of her life, especially her music life, and it helps to summarize what she had done in past 2-year music journey.

Current Event

On November 25, 2006, Kay was rumoured to be pregnant. When asked by reporters she answered that there will be a press conference about the issue later on. Boyfriend Louis Cheung admits of being a father. At the press conference, she admits to being pregnant and announces that she will be marrying boyfriend Louis Cheung in January 2007. In December 2006, Easy Finder reports that on Notice of Intended Marriage, a document in Hong Kong Marriage Registry, indicates that Kay is 29 years-old. Her farewell concert was held in the end of January 2007. At the end of that concert, she stated she would be gone for a year.

On June 15, 2007, Kay gave birth to a baby boy named James.

On September 12, 2007, Kay performed for the CRHK 10-year anniversary live show which is the first performance after her pregnancy.


On January 1 2006, Tse won the Bronze Award for CRHK 2005 Best Newcomer, along with Ivana Wong and Janice Vidal who won Silver and Gold respectively.

In 2007 CRHK awarding ceremony, Tse's song called "Gloomy Festival" won the no.10 of CRHK top ten recommendation.

On January 1 2008, Tse also won the Bronze Award of Female Singer in the same awarding ceremony.

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