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Candy Lo

Candy Lo is a singer-songwriter and actress from Hong Kong. She has released 9 studio albums, over 40 singles, 2 compilations, 1 live album and 1 EP with Sony Music to date. On June 11 she released her first EP on her new label WOW Music.


Pre-solo period

Before going solo Candy Lo was the lead vocalist in Hong Kong based rock band . Before the band released any material, they used to perform independently of Black & Blue as a band as well.

In 1995 Black & Blue released their first record titled ''Hope In Just One Day''. A year later, in 1996 they released their second album eponymously titled Black & Blue. The former contains songs mostly sung in English while the latter is completely in Cantonese. Stepping away from English and singing completely in Cantonese had been a decision made in concordance with their record label so as to make themselves more understandable to fans. Lo wrote the lyrics to their songs herself.

Solo career

In 1998 Candy Lo was signed to Sony Music, thus starting her solo career. Her first release under Sony was an EP called ''Don't have to be too perfect'' . For this record she won a Golden Award in the same year. The style of this release continued on from her - past with Black & Blue. In winter 1998, Candy released a second record called ''Miao'', the title of which refers to Candy's love of cats and how "they listen while people sometimes don't." The album didn't sell as much copies as expected. Producer Kubert Leung blamed the public, who "failed to grasp the concept of the album".

Lo's 3rd album, ''Get Close To Candy Lo'' , released in 1999, set itself apart from the mainstream music that year by adding a philharmonic orchestra to her mix of rock and pop.

In 2000 Candy Lo again released 2 records, ''Colour Release'' and ''Muse''.

In July 2001 Candy Lo released ''Fantasy''. Fantasy contained the radio hit ''The Sword And Spear Don't Enter'' as well as ''Call'' , the theme song for the movie ''''. Lo's 1st compilation album titled ''Like To Love'' was also released in the year.

The release of her 2002 album ''Appreciate The Taste Of Life'' marked Candy's career with her first smash hit ''Beautiful Break-up in which she collaborated with fellow singer Lee Hom Wang.

On April 26, 2003 ''Candy's Airline'' is was released. In that same year Candy released a concept album titled ''Flower Talk'' , which combined mellow as well as more upbeat tunes with a classical hint to them.

Three months later Candy Lo released ''True Music 1st Flight Live 2003'', a collection of live renditions of songs released between 1998 and 2003 plus a few covers such as Wong Jim's ''Forget Him'' , made famous by Teresa Teng. All of these were performed during a concert in Hong Kong.

''Evolution Theory'' released in 2005, was the last album she recorded before parting company with Sony. It is less mainstream than her previous two albums. However, like ''Flower Talk'', this album deals with spiritual issues such as the uncertainty of the future in ''Junk Girl Of Dystopia'' and departure in ''Sutra For Seeing Souls Off'' .

On June 11 2007, Candy Lo released her 10th album "Process" after joining her new record company "WOW Music". Candy Lo is the first artist to release USB flash memory digital album in Asia. Process contained radio hit "Can't Even Love". Her mandarin song "Run Slowly" is also available at Candy's website at which has a hit rate of more than 200,000 times.

As an actress

In 2000, Candy started acting by playing a minor role in the drama ''What is a Good Teacher'' directed by Hong Kong actor and director Francis Ng. Later that year she was nominated three times for a for her role in '''' and ''Twelve Nights'' .

In 2002, Lo played a pregnant advertising executive named "Godzilla" in If You Care... and in the same year as Kung Fu fighter in Yuen Biao's ''No Problem 2'' , a collaboration between Hong Kong and Japan. That year, she also appeared in '''', a horror movie directed by The Pang Brothers which was also released in the United Kingdom and the United States.



* ''Bu Xu Yao...Wan Mei De Ke Pa
* ''Miao...''
* ''
* ''Sik Fong''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Appreciate the Taste of Life''
* ''Candy's Airline''
* ''Flower Talk''
* ''''
* ''''


* Like To Love
* 4 Seasons in One Day

Live Albums

* ''True Music 1st Flight Love 2003''


*''House of Mahjong''
*''The Wife from Hell''
*''Feel It, Say It''
*''Half Twin''
*''The Heavenly Kings''
*''Teacher in University''
*''Bug Me Not!''
*''Six Strong Guys''
*''Herbal Tea''
*''Men Suddenly in Black''
*''Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat''
*''Summer I Love You''
*''If You Care...''
*''Marry a Rich Man''
*''No Problem 2''
*''Funeral March''
*''Twelve Nights''
*''What is a Good Teacher''

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